Sorare Rivals

Rivals is a free one-on-one fantasy football game, very entertaining and with attractive rewards.

Imagine you’ve agreed to meet your friends at a bar to watch a fiercely competitive match. You arrive a while before it starts, and amid beers and snacks, you predict which team will come out on top.

Whether it’s predicting a specific player scoring, anticipating a clean sheet from another, or strategizing that your team will go on the attack or park the bus in front of their goal. We all have a coach within us and can prove it at any moment.

With Sorare’s Rivals, words turn into actions, and your football knowledge will help you defeat your friends (now rivals) and show who’s the boss…

How do you play Rivals?

First of all, you need to download the Sorare app (available for IOS or Android) and register on the platform. It’s straightforward and won’t take more than a minute.

Download Rivals

Then, find the match you want to compete in, set the lineup, and assign a captain. You’ll have a predetermined budget to field 5 players (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward, and an extra player).

Rivals selects your player

As mentioned earlier, you can use common (free) cards to compete. However, you have the option to increase your players’ scores by fielding cards of different rarities:

  • Limited: +20%
  • Rare: +30%
  • Super Rare: +35%
  • Unique: +40%

Once the team is decided, you have to choose the playing tactic. You have 5 options:

  • Tiki Taka (successful pass): scores for all accurate passes (excluding throw-ins, goal kicks, and crosses).
  • Joga bonito (won duel): dribbles where a player from the team surpasses an opponent.
  • All out attack (shot on goal): an unblocked shot that hasn’t hit the posts but was saved on the goal line by a defending team player.
  • Park the bus (effective goal kick): a player under pressure clears the ball far from the defensive zone or out of play.
  • Gegenpressing (won duel): a duel for ball possession where a player wins the ball.
Confirm tactics in Rivals

Next, you can challenge your friends (send them an invitation link) or compete against other managers randomly in the Arena.

Once the match begins, your players’ scores will be updated based on their performance on the field. But you can still do more. Unlike Sorare Pro, Rivals allows you to make changes during the match. Substitute a player performing poorly with a game-changing reserve.

And what prizes can I win by playing Rivals?

Rivals prizes

As you win matches in the Stadium, you’ll accumulate Reputation points. This allows you to climb the ranks in the game’s overall leaderboard.

Additionally, you have the chance to win other prizes such as reward boxes, stadium tickets, Sorare cards, limited edition official football jerseys, and much more…

Are you up for a game against me? I challenge you!

Note: This post includes some affiliate links, meaning I will receive a small commission if you register or download the app through these links, at no extra cost to you.